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Contact us today to access top-tier Canadian production service providers

End2End’s business services will help ensure your film or television production’s success. 


END2END is Canada’s only network of top-tier service providers specifically tailored to service the mid-sized production industry. Through the End2End Partner Network, you have access to all your Production needs, so you can focus on the creative.

Best of all, End2End referral services are FREE which means there is no impact to your production budget.  In fact, most of our clients save money by accessing better services and getting better advice. 

At End2End, we take care of the support services so you can focus on the creative.

E2E Services

End2End provides a seamless, one-stop-network for Producers to access top-tier service providers in finance, production, sales and distribution in Canada.

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Financial Production Management*

Working with Accountants, Banks, and Government Agencies can be stressful.

Let End2End manage this for you.

We will provide you guidance, assist with documentation compilation, negotiate for the best terms, and walk you through the setup process.

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Tax Credit Planning  Management*

With more than 20 years experience managing the tax credit process for clients across Canada, we have managed over $1 Billion in returns.

Starting with the budgeting process, we will structure your tax credits to maximize your return and manage the entire process including audit defense.

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Currency Exchange and budget hedging*

One of the biggest risks to US producers working in Canada is currency fluctuations.  Don't get caught with a budget gap.  We can lock in your Canadian budget once you are funded and ensure you will have the funds available when needed. We work with multiple providers to ensure to get the best pricing and best credit terms.

*Referral services are provided free.  Individual services are billed directly from service providers. Service providers referred through E2E may provide additional discounts. E2E may charge fees for additional management or coordination services.

Brendan McNeill
Co-Founder and Partner

Jason Davies
Co-Founder and Partner


With over 20 years of experience in senior roles at the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO) and in production, Brendan McNeill is an industry leader in film and television tax credits, as well as the multiple financial and legal aspects of film, television and online production and distribution. With this knowledge, Brendan has helped develop policies and lead studies on the film and television industry, as well as providing strategic advice on a variety of topics specific to Canada’s film, television and online sector.

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Jason Davies brings more than 25 years of experience providing financial and foreign exchange services to the film and other international industries. Jason’s approach to developing trust and relationship with his clients has allowed him to deliver incomparable value to international film producers. His understanding of the unique challenges and hurdles of the film industry, along with his deep technical knowledge in foreign exchange risk management, has allowed producers to fund and close budget gaps. 

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